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Lady's Dream Collies
VDH Collie Kennel in Baden Württemberg since 1996
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Unbenanntes Dokument


Dt. Jgd. Champion Highland Hill Never Ending Story "Kelly"
Star Warrior of Slatestone x Willowgarth Endless Love

born: 30.10.1997,HD-A, CEA/PRA/KAT. free

Schwabenyouthwinner 98, Youthsieger Baden-Württemberg 98, Youthwinner Kassel 98, Youthwinner Heilsbronn 98 and BOB, Nürnberg 00 Bayernwinner

Herr Sys (CS)

Nearly 3-year-old bitch, very nice head standard, good ears, eyes, typical, powerful neck, good angulation, excellent movement, correct type with very good expression, very good at being.



Heilsbronn 98 V1 CAC-J Youthwinner Nordbayern Mrs. Langer (D)
Stuttgart 98 V1 CAC-J Youthwinner Baden Württemberg Mr. Rall (D)
Kassel 98 V1 CAC-J Youthwinner Kassel Mr. Hartich (D)
Böbingen 98 V1 CAC-J Schwaben Youthwinner Mr. Frankenberger (D)
Nürnberg 00 V1 CAC CACIB   Mr. Frankenberger (D)
Gaildorf 00 V1 CAC   Mr. Steinmetz (D)
Bischofsgrün V1 CAC   Mr. Sys (CS)
Cadolzburg 00 V2 res CAC   Mr. Zimmer (D)



.:  Lady's Dream Collies Wolfgang & Brigitte Heizmann Oberer Hummelberg 1 D-72275 Alpirsbach :.

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