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Lady's Dream Collies
VDH Collie Kennel in Baden Württemberg since 1996
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Troydon Blind Date x Quellebelle of Slatestone


* 04.11.1995 +10.05.2006, HD-A, CEA_PRA_KAT Frei

Judgereport: Mr. Christen /CAC-Schau Emmendingen

19 months old, well-proportioned and anatomically very well structured, highly pigmented, blue-merle, very small eyes, full dentition, scissors bite, other parts of the head order. Excellent topline, well set, well developed chest, excellent angulation, especially in the state, proper rod length is carried in the state and in the movement correctly, proper running gait, hair texture and excellent color, excellent character. A typical representative of her race. Is skilfully demonstrated excellent.

V1 / CAC / Baden-Pfalz-winner / (BOB)

Weitere Ausstellungsergebnisse:

location result Judge
Emmendingen V1 CAC BOB Mr. Christen(CH)
Saarbrücken V2 res. CAC Mr. Steinmetz (D)
Mannheim V1 CAC BOB Mr. Hartich (D)
Stuttgart V2 res.CAC res.CACIB Mr. Hartich (D)


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